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Gender Communication – Throw Away the Label Maker ©

Girls and boys learn to communicate differently. They are expected to behave in different ways. They operate under different rules.  When girls and boys grow up, it is difficult to accept a communication style that is different from their own. No wonder men and women begin to label behavior and styles as good or bad. No wonder we send and receive mixed messages.

In the business world, these communication differences impact productivity, morale, customer satisfaction, career success and ultimately the bottom line. They can even cost lives depending on the industry. We want to believe that things have changed – they haven’t.

This workshop will help enable participants to:

  • Identify the key influences that create different communication styles for men and women.
  • Identify the pluses and minuses of masculine/feminine styles.
  • Recognize the primary masculine/feminine style that they use.
  • Identify the labels.
  • Evaluate the consequences of keeping or changing their natural communication style.

At the end of the session participants will be armed with effective tools and a new, positive viewpoint about communicating with both genders.